Internet Footprint Maintenance

Found a little time to clean up my Internet Footprint – that is all the sites that I have tinkered around with in the past and for whatever reason, never really found any value in them to keep me coming back. So I have gone back and delete my accounts; though I am sure the info will live on in Google for quite some time to come. Here is this weekend’s harvest:

BrightKite – first location-based service I tried out. They’ve gotten out of that (crowded) space.
43Places – I found that I got a lot of people asking for advice about places I’d been but no one answering questions about places I wanted to go.
43People – This was an interesting thought experiment – for about a week.
GetGlueHunch-wannabe without the correlations and meaningful recommendations. No thanks, I don’t need any more virtual stickers.
SCVNGR – Another twist on location-based services swizzled with a sort of treasure hunt vibe. Not really enough going on with this to try out or keep me coming back. Also, no option to delete your account. Abandoned. – this was kind of cool when it first came out; especially being able to access files from my mobile phone. Now Dropbox and Google Docs have taken over for this.
Ning – they kind of shot themselves in the head when they switched to a all pay model – that made jumping ship an easy decision. – promised to provide unified ‘check ins’ for all location-based services. Never really worked that well and probably won’t make it out of beta.
twine – crashed and burned on its own; morphed into evri which doesn’t seem to have a point with all of the twitter search engines out there
plancast – recommends all sorts of interesting sounding events – in Austin, Paris, and NYC. Not terribly useful if you aren’t in those places. – reminders; except you need to remember to do to that site to get them – easily replaced this with google calendar and as a bonus automatically gets synced to my mobile phone.

And as previously mentioned – Gowalla is gone and FourSquare is now an entropy exercise.

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