Prior to April of 2006, I had this blog hosted on Blogger. Then at some point Blogger disabled my blog for a week because some robot thought that it was a ‘spam blog’. With no explanation, nor apology the blog was re-instated. At that point I had the kick in the pants that I needed to move to a self-hosted blog. Thus began my search for an affordable and reliable hosting company to move the blog onto.

After much research and discussion, I settled on DreamHost for my hosting. I have been quite happy with the service with no noticeable outages. I love the fact that they have one-click installs (and updates) for many popular web packages. I have used the one-click for WordPress to initially install 2.02 and to upgrade it (most currently to 4.2) in a quick, reliable, hassle-free manner.

If you are considering either changing hosting or making the initial foray I can strongly recommend DreamHost. They have a sort of affiliate program, so if you sign up using this link, or use the discount code MREC50 you save some money ($50) on your first year hosting, I make a little money on the referral and everybody is happy.

If you have any specific question about my experience with DreamHost hosting, you can leave a comment to this post.

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