Nokia N97 vs iPhone 3GS

From the Nokia97Forum:

Some of the pluses of N97 over iPhone are:

– Full Qwerty keyboard (iPhone doesn’t have)
– 5MP fully functional digital camera with Carl Zeiss optics and several editing options(iPhone has 3MP basic camera)
– Camera dual LED Flash to take pictures in dark (iPhone useless in dark)
– FM Transmitter (iPhone doesn’t have)
– Stereo bluetooth 2.0 (A2DP) (iPhone doesn’t have A2DP)
– TV out, (iPhone doesn’t have)
– expandable memory with 16gb microSD card (takes total memory to 48GB!) – iPhone has only 16 or 32mb max with no expansion.
– Unlocked so will work on any carrier (locked to AT&T in US and in most countries, where not prohibited by law)
– Widgets so you don’t have to opens most used apps like Calendar, email etc., (no widgets in iPhone)
– Flexibility to self sign a lot of free applications and install (iPhone doesn’t provide this flexibility)
– Resistive touch screen so you can use it with your gloves on or with stylus in winter (you’ll have to use your fingers only with iPhone)
– better screen resolution at 640×360 (iPhone has 480×320)
– Removable battery so you can carry one extra or replace on easily(iPhone does builtin battery)

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