Roll In The Hay Scooter Rally

This morning we returned from an over night camping trip at the Roll In The Hay Scooter Rally organized by the Gem City Rollers of Dayton, Ohio. This is only the second rally that we have been to, and the first camping one. All I can say is, we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

The event started on Friday night, but we decided to join up on Saturday morning because we needed to drop off our daughter at a friend’s house for a sleep over (she opted out of camping with us). We meet up with a few other folks that we had met from the WKRP rally earlier this year and headed north to the camp site near Spring Valley, Ohio.

After getting the tent setup and filled, we had time to walk around and take in the variety of scooters that arrived (and were still arriving) for the event. We went out for a group ride around Noon that took us through some fantastic back country in Warren county and ended in north Lebanon were we stopped for food. After lunch, there was another twisty not-so-direct trip back to the camp ground.

From there the afternoon/evening was filled with socializing, beer drinking, pulled pork eating, raffles, scooter driving/handling contests and devolved into karaoke, dancing. drinking and more socializing. We knocked off around 11PM and headed back to the tent for some relief from dry contact lenses and a chance for some shuteye. Others kept it going until around 3AM (and realistically, that’s about the time that we actually got to sleep).

Morning came at 5:25AM for me – I was wide awake and couldn’t sleep, so I stayed in the tent listening to the morning unfold. Around 6:30, we were both up and ready to get rolling. After whipping all of the heavy dew off the scoots and breaking down camp as quietly as we could, we were back on the road around 7AM, heading south, on our way home.

I put a few photos up on flickr.

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