iPhone ‘New’ Features?

I find the rampant speculation over the presumed announcement of a new iPhone at WWDC tomorrow to be a bit much. Particularly since most of the ‘new’ features have existed in Nokia phones (like the N95) for years. GPS? 3G? HSDPA? Video conferencing? New? No, available on the Nokia N95 for a while now.

I think the iPhone is largely fueled by the ‘me to’ set. The ones who couldn’t understand why I bought one of the first iPods (‘why would you need to carry around that much music?’) but slowly succumbed when the iPod became ‘cool’. Brilliant marketing by Apple. Now they have a captive market waiting for the iPhone so that they don’t miss out on ‘the next cool thing’.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been a fan (and user) of Apple products for a long time. It’s just that the iPhone isn’t really compelling for me largely because I got used to the robust features of the Nokia like of smart phones. When my trusty 6620 was stolen, I replaced it with an N75. This was about 6 months before the iPhone launched. I loved to point out that (outside of the gimmicky iPhone interface) my N75 did everything that the iPhone did (and in many ways better). Plus I could download and use a rich set of Symbian and Java based applications. I could pair the N75 with a tiny Bluetooth-based GPS to get better location info in Google and Nokia Maps applications.

After a year I had an opportunity to buy a fully unlocked and warranted N95 8GB on Amazon for a great price. I jumped on it. One of the first comments I got from my iPhone toting friends were ‘I see you got a new phone and why isn’t it an iPhone?’ and ‘you know there is a new iPhone coming out, why didn’t you wait to buy one of those?’ Because I wanted a real smartphone; heck with the N95 its more like a mobile multimedia computer. I could move all the apps over from my N95, download a few that take advantage of the accelerometer in the N95 and upgrade to take advantage of the more powerful capabilities of the N95.

Sorry, Apple. When it comes to mobile computing, I am more about function and flexibility rather than fashion.

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