Short version: Technology geek guy, photographer, gardener, cook, traveler and dad.

mobrec is an online place for me to collect together the easy answer to the questions, what have you been listening to?, reading?, where have you been?, bookmarking?, thinking about?, etc. I call this my own personal infocloud — a term I borrowed from Thomas Vander Wal (with his gracious and good natured permission). This blog does not represent the views of my employer in any way.

And why, you may ask is this called Moebius Recursive (or even mobrec)? M-R was the name of a fictional company that I made up when I was in college. They sold less than useless products like ‘near draft quality printers’, glass magnets and clear hole paint. I decided that, if nothing else, it was also a good name for a blog.

And, yes, I know, the ‘contraction’ should be ‘moebrec’, but people have enough problems with the two vowels that appear together in my last name so I thought I would make it easier on everyone and make it simply ‘mobrec’.

I suppose, I could have gone for the vanity plate of richcampoamor.com, but I have spent a lifetime patiently spelling ‘campoamor’ for everyone, only to have it spelled ‘campmore’, ‘campamore’, ‘campanore’ and even ‘campanella’ and ‘campanera’ (my personal favorite misspelling was ‘ritch kampfonoour’ — I kid you not. Anyway, to make a short story long, there you have it.

Postings tend to follow my interests in photography, books, technology, humor and sometimes current events. Feel free to comment. If you are shy about commenting, you can also find me at blog-feedback at mobrec dot com

Posting more frequently on Mastodon: https://mastodon.world/@rc7r

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