MacBook Air, Er, Err

I guess the new MacBook Air is cute and optimized for, uh, thin. Otherwise, I think it is overpriced and under-featured. Thin is nice, but I can’t ever think of a time when I though, “I can’t use this darn laptop, it’s just too thick!”. And the non-user-replaceable battery is a joke.

Now a pen-based tablet (ok, it can have multi-touch, too) in a slightly smaller form factor, running full OS X; THAT would be cool and useful. MacBook Air? No so much.

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One Reply to “MacBook Air, Er, Err”

  1. That was my take on it, too. I use my MacBook as a desktop replacement, and if anything, I need more processing power (although I can’t quite justify the price of a MacBook Pro yet).

    And yes, a pen/multitouch tablet-style computer from Apple would interesting to see. That’s the kind of form factor that I think I’d like for a e-book reader, web browser, etc. (i.e. what the Kindle *should* have been), and for those kinds of applications the CPU speed isn’t such a priority.

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