Zooomr, jUploader and Aperture

I just discovered a nifty little trick for uploading pictures to Zooomr if you are using Aperture (or iPhoto). You can drag and drop photos directly from Aperture onto jUploader and click the upload button. jUploader will then upload the full size image from Aperture. Maybe this is obvious to others, but I was pleased to find that I didn’t have to export to jpeg from Aperture first to use jUploader.

One side effect of this for me, is that I will be uploading a lot more of my stuff to Zooomr as it has just become so much easier.

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One Reply to “Zooomr, jUploader and Aperture”

  1. Hi, thanks for the tip ! I’ve been looking for an uploader for Zooomr, and I’m very happy to find out that I can do it (almost) straight away from iPhoto.

    Thanks again !

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