Google Firefox Extension and Music Search

Google has introduced a new Firefox extension that displays Blogger Web Comments for the site that you are currently viewing. This reminds me of an IE plugin from around 1996 that allowed you to view post-it note type annotations that were placed on websites and viewable through the plugin. It wasn’t long before this became abused and if I recall correctly, the company went out of business. This approach seems to have only slightly more accountability in that it ties back to a blog. Then again, Blogger blogs have been notorious of late for their splog activity.

Google has also recently introduced some functionality to make it a bit easier to search for music on the Internet. According to the Google Blog, the search works only for well know artists by name and primarily for US based artists (though I did get results for David Sylvian, oddly enough). The results include links to reviews, lyrics and online stores to purchase some releases. Not surprisingly, I didn’t see any purchase links to Amazon (though there were links to the iTunes store). It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

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