Tab Sweep Quickies

Google search is providing enhanced flight tracking info through the ever more productive search box.

I am sure there is a reason for mouth-eyes pictures, I just don’t know what it is. Creepy.

Pretty impressive video of a guy singing a song backwards while performing actions that make it clear that he is not simply rolling the tape in reverse (at least until half way through). My second impression (after amazement) was that this guy has way too much time on his hands.

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News That Makes You Go ‘Huh?’

Have we really become so politically correct that we have to screen for script-kiddie speak on license plates?

You know that you are not winning hearts and minds when you are forced to make a public statement like this:

We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area.”

This would probably make an amusing party question/activity: determining your porn star name. A quick survey via email yielded these gems from some friends: “Fuzzy Boxwood”, “Bituminous Pineglen”(!) and “Buffy Maple”. Based on those results, I could see this really working for someone ‘in the biz’.

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In a multi-million dollar deal finalized on Friday, March 31st, the domain name has been sold to Microsoft to support a new, undisclosed online service to be rolled out later this year. With the accompanying NDA, that is all I can really say about it at this point.

I noticed that I (inexplicably) get a fair amount of traffic from the domain, but had no idea that they were more interested in my domain name than my content.

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New Word: Upgrage

I caught the above typo in an email from one of our software vendors at work. I thought about it for a second and concluded this could be a new sniglet-esque word, similar to ‘road rage’. ‘Upgrage’ could be the anger you feel after upgrading (or having an upgrade slammed on your system by helpful automated tools) which renders the application/system even more borked than it was prior to the upgrade.

Interestingly, this typo appears quite a bit on Google but I have not found anyone who has actually assigned it this meaning. History being made, right here on this post 🙂

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Just Bizarre

Two of the strangest things I’ve seen this week:

A guy who can pop his eyes 95% out of their sockets.

And a incredible story of drinking and violence from New Zealand. I don’t know what is more remarkable, the fact that one guy drank 72(!) beers then drove home or that the other guy that he stabbed had no idea that he was stabbed until he went home and looked in the mirror.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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