Creating a Document: Google Docs vs Microsoft Office for Mac

Google Docs:

  1. Type into browser
  2. Select template (optional)
  3. Start creating doc

Elapsed time: 5 seconds to productivity

Microsoft office for Mac

  1. Click on Word app icon
  2. Watch icon bounce in doc for 60-90 seconds (4core system with 16GB of RAM)
  3. Click to allow access to Microsoft Identity on keychain (x8)
  4. Wait for Auto Update to run
  5. Install 2MB update
  6. Wait for Auto Update to re-run
  7. Office now wants to download 2.6 GB of updates before continuing.
  8. Wait for downloads and updates to finish
  9. Open Google Docs and start typing so you are productive for the next 30 minutes
  10. Wait for downloads to finally finish
  11. Grant Admin access so install can continue
  12. Wait for install(s) to complete
  13. Close Word so install can complete
  14. Wait for Auto Update to re-run
  15. Dismiss Auto Update
  16. Click on Word App icon
  17. Watch icon bounce in the doc for 90-120 seconds
  18. repeat step #3
  19. repeat step #4
  20. Create new doc
  21. Paste info from Google Docs into Word
  22. Continue editing document created in Google Docs

Elapsed time: 35 minutes to productivity

Tell me again why/how using MS Office docs are so much more productive (or even preferable)…

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