Tablet Market Swirl

Hmm, iPad traffic dropping, Nook surpasses Kindle Fire. Kind of sorting itself out as expected – the Fire hasn’t turned out to be the big game changer that all the pundits made it out to be. I had my doubts from the very beginning.

The new version of the iPad has been a bit of a dud; the much touted retina display just make the unit run really hot without providing a huge enhancement to the end user experience. The rest of the new feature were just to try to stay at parity with the competition and to continue to copy features from Android. It is no wonder that Apple have an army of lawyers running around the world trying to prevent Samsung’s Galaxy Tab from being released – can’t have people having real choice in the marketplace as they would likely not buy Apple’s product.

And now that the Google Nexus 7 will soon be on the scene, I anticipate the Kindle Fire sinking even further. I’m not really surprised that most of the ground is being gained in the smaller form factor (7-8 inch screens) that all of the Apple fans crapped on so hard because, well, it wasn’t the same as the iPad. Guess what, it looks like Apple is planning on ‘innovating’ a tablet in that space as well. Once again, innovated by Samsung and Google, copied in Cupertino.

As for the Microsoft Surface – I think it will do about as well as the Zune did.

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