More Tablet Idiocy (part 3)

Let’s start with the baiting title “Why Android tablets failed: A postmortem“. And, as is typical, there is nothing in the article to substantiate such a ludicrous claim. Android tablets owning a 20-40% share of the tablet market is a ‘failure’? Hmmm.

Let take a look at the four main reasons why Android tablets ‘failed’:

4) “the 16×9 problem” – not a problem from what I can tell and quite simply the opinion of the article’s author. No credible UX studies, just the bald assertion that the screen is ‘awkward’ and ‘odd’. Or stated differently, it is bad because it isn’t an iPad. 16×9 will, of course, become an innovative breakthrough when Apple releases a tablet in that form factor.

3) “Enterprise doesn’t trust Android” – yep, that is why most corporation provide their employees with Android-based phone and address the security issues. The same security models exist for the tablets. Again, an uniformed opinion, unsubstantiated by facts.

2) “Lack of Apps” – this is a popular one that has been proven false. Apple certainly has the fart machine app market cornered. I would love to hear a list of significant apps that are in the Apple space that don’t have Android analogs. Otherwise, the Android market has a stable of quite good apps (and more arriving daily. The statements around HTML5 apps are laughably out of touch.

1) “the price” – one year old data point is cited (Motorola Xoom). However, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is selling quite well (at least where Apple isn’t trying to prevent it from being sold). Again, not facts, just an erroneous assertion.

Conclusion: Apple fan-boys hate the alternatives because they recognize in other tablets what Apple can’t deliver with the iPad.

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