The Google Phone Dog Pile

It is like it has been a race to the bottom in the last 48 hours in the blogosphere. Google puts out a simple announcement that now that android has achieved critical mass and is being sold by an increasing number of carriers (both in the US and around the world) that they will seek to sell their own Nexus One via carriers and stop selling it solely via a google web site. Simple, huh?

Not to read the blog and mainstream spin on the announcement. I can’t count the number of hyperbolic headlines I have seen about ‘Google hanging up on it’s phone’, ‘Google abandoning their phone’, ‘Google forsakes…’, ‘Google runs away from…’, etc, etc, etc ad nauseum. Really, folks, get a fracking grip and actually read the Google announcement. But I guess it gets dim wits to click on your site if you put a sensational spin on a very simple announcement, now, doesn’t it.

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