Observations On DC

Here are a few things I wanted to get off my mind after returning from a four day ‘Spring Break’ trip to Washington, DC:

Spring Break + Washington DC = 10 million people in one place who act like they have never been off the farm before.

Dear DC ‘hipsters’: huge Sophia Loren sunglasses look even stupider on guys than they do on women and that’s plenty STUPID!

Dear DC ‘hipsters’: the whole Converse wearing thing is totally stale/lame; when they make them for geriatrics ITS OVER.

Dear DC ‘hipsters’ the mullet was never in style and putting it in a pony tail just puts you in quadruple lameness jeopardy. Color and streaks just magnify the lameness.

Dear DC ‘hipsters’: the long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt is stale/lame as well; elementary school kids do it (ugh!). move on.

Dear DC ‘hipsters’: the flip flops with tattered jeans was over 5 years ago in Europe and has reached the Midwest — give it up it is LAME.

Everyone in DC: I don’t care who you think you are, you can wait in line like everyone else. I’ll remind you when you forget.

In general: DC you are a city of ‘big thinkers’ living tiny thoughts. Get over yourselves.

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