Finally, Some Browser Innovation

I has been an interesting week for some much needed innovation in the web browsing space. First up was the introduction of Ubiquity from Mozilla Labs. This is a very interesting idea and surprisingly functional considering it is a .1 release. Sort of reminds me of QuickSliver on OSX, except targeted for Firefox.

Today comes word of Google’s Chrome browser that among other things, gives each tab its own process so that an errant tab can’t take the entire browser down (I’m looking at you gratuitous, Flash-encrusted sites).

I hold out more hope for these that the Titanicly overhyped and ultimately underwhelming Flock collection of plugins browser from a few years ago.

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One Reply to “Finally, Some Browser Innovation”

  1. Ubiquity. What a great name. QuickSilver — not bad. Gets the point across. Not as creative as ubiquity. But Chrome? Huh? I guess like trailer hitches or motorcycles? Huh. Better yet — Roam.

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