Yahoo Go Is Just Sad

I don’t know why they bother. Yahoo continuously overcommits and under delivers when it comes to their web and especially their mobile offerings. After their announcement of Yahoo Go 3 at CES, I thought, ‘why not see how they have screwed this up’. The usual amount. My phone, a Nokia N75 is listed as ‘compatible’, but when I go through the error fraught process of actually trying to download the much lauded version 3, I am rewarded with a slightly newer version of 2 that I already have installed. Lame. No version 3 in sight.

Their insistence on using zero-value Flash laden websites is also bewildering. When I attempted to enter my phone number to receive the download instructions, I was curtly prompted to ‘enter a valid phone number’. What? Do these retards pretend to validate your phone number against a database of all mobile phone numbers in the US. Not likely. More of their shoddy production, I would say.

Once again: don’t bother with Yahoo NoGo.

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