iDDOS With The iPhone

Apparently Apple didn’t tell the world about it’s handy iDDOS feature of the iPhone; places like Duke University had to find out about it for themselves.

The built-in 802.11b/g adapters on several iPhones periodically flood sections of the Durham, N.C. school’s pervasive wireless LAN with MAC address requests, temporarily knocking out anywhere from a dozen to 30 wireless access points at a time. Campus network staff are talking with Cisco, the main WLAN provider, and have opened a help desk ticket with Apple. But so far, the precise cause of the problem remains unknown.

That’s because the misbehaving iPhones flood the access points with up to 18,000 address requests per second, nearly 10Mbps of bandwidth, and monopolizing the AP’s airtime.

Stellar. I suppose for added comic effect, you could ‘pronounce’ iDDOS like adios…

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