I absolutely agree with this article in the Guardian on how long load times drive away customers and create ill will. In fact, I gave up after about six seconds waiting for the linked site to open. I further agree with their assessment of moronic sites that require Flash for no good reason at all (which in itself sucks down the performance of a site):

Of course, speed isn’t the only thing that matters: it helps if your Web designer isn’t an idiot, like whoever created the Akamai Web site. This site requires users to have Flash installed in order to read a simple press release, which is the sort of thing the Web could well do without.

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O’Reilly has recently spun up a new site that presents tips and techniques for Apple’s Aperture digital photo manipulation software. I just recently started with Aperture and have found quite a bit of informative stuff on the site. If you are new to Aperture or just want to learn more, have a look at the Top Ten Aperture Features from the same site.

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They’ve made Firefox so much better, no really. Don’t miss the goodness under the Features link on the left side of the page (esp RSS support).

Well done!

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