Video Killed The Photojournalist ?

A very insightful post from David Leeson on how the emergence of High Definition Video (HDV)cameras may become a ‘threat’ to some photojournalist. David’s stance is that frame grabs from HDV are of a quality that is perfectly acceptable for print use. An obvious advantage that video has is that you have a frame rate approaching 30 frames per minute, so if you are shooting action you stand a better chance of getting just the right moment.

He also delves into the attitude of some fellow photojournalists, that using frame grabs is ‘cheating’. These sorts of comments can be traced back to any sea change in photography and concludes that HDV frame grabs are probably just the next step in the evolution of how images are captured and communicated.

Hat tip to Doug Alcorn for the link.

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  1. I’m a (Skegness UK) photojournalist and I believe that videography is a threat to photojournalism.
    Photojournalists have an instinct for a good picture, they have a pretty good idea when a good picture will develop. But
    video reporters don’t have this instinct. They don’t need it. As long as their video camera is switched on they will get a good picture.
    On the other hand, maybe photojournalists should accept that their instinct for a good picture is no longer required. Maybe they should develop an instinct for good video reporting, instead.

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